Robust plants for amazing creations: Our Sempervivum arrangements are an absolute musthave for your summer garden, terrace or balcony. You can confidently go on holiday, because these plants can survive for a long time without being watered. Surely everyone wants plants as strong as these!


We love autumn! How cozy it is to bring the colors of autumn into your home and garden! Beautiful arrangements with ornamental pumpkins for indoors and outdoors. Discover your favorite assortment!

Dry flowers

Did you know that dried flowers can be an everlasting decoration for your home? We love working with dried flowers because you can make so many different compositions with them. Dried flowers keep their colour and often their fragrance too! Curious to discover more?

Flower bulbs

We have been loving flower bulbs since day one of MB Designed! For us, it's flower bulb season from December onwards. Whether in glass, basket, wood or ceramic - we can't get enough of beautiful flower arrangements. Can't you either?


Terrariums are fascinating little mini-gardens with a special microclimate. And the best thing is: a lot of different plants fit inside, so it becomes a real work of art! We create new collections throughout the year. Would you like to learn more?

The special moment


A special assortment for special days of the year. Looking for a sparkling assortment for Christmas or Easter? Get inspired or make an appointment in our showroom!


During Easter, people love to bring a little colour into their home and garden. MB Designed offers a cheerful assortment in bowls, baskets or zinc pots for indoors and outdoors. Discover our Easter collections here!



We love surprises - especially for Mother's Day! Our range of selected plant arrangements offers the right gift for everyone: whether graceful combinations in glass or opulent combinations in zinc pots, everyone will find what they are looking for at MB Designed!



Christmas atmosphere in the house: we love it when it sparkles and glitters at Christmas time! MB Designed offers a stylish range of plant arrangements for every taste. Discover our Christmas collections here!